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UNHESITANT with Kara Lennon

Aug 10, 2018



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There’s hot —and then there’s absolutely on fire. And tiny powerhouse Rachel Pojednic… up in flames. This week Kara chats with scientist, professor, fitness instructor, sponsored athlete and @strongprocess founder Rachele Pojednic. Beyond the fact she’s a literal doctor, Rachel seriously knows her shit.



This episode is BY FAR the most information packed, controversial, and REAL conversation we’ve had so far. Rachele drops knowledge bomb after knowledge bomb and debunks SEVERAL popular nutrition fads that the wellness industry is currently obsessing over (we’re looking at you, activated charcoal + collagen.)




She has spent years studying in academia earning her several accolades including a PhD in Nutritional Biochemistry from Tufts University. Rachele spends her days in research centered around Type 2 Diabetes while balancing teaching courses at Simmons College in Boston, recording podcast episodes for her new venture “Intuitive Science” with co-host Catie Macken, teaching indoor cycling at Flywheel, deepening her yoga practice, planning wellness seminars for her company Strong Process…and capping it off with red wine. Phew. What? We can barely keep up.



Among so many other things, we chat about….

-Rachele’s research based and practical view on the modern day wellness industry

-The science behind eating and exercising

-Diets that work vs. diets that don’t

-Rachele’s experience in academia and why she pursued getting a PhD in Nutrition

-Gut health and the importance of understanding what you put in your body

-What’s reeeeeally happening when you take collagen protein

-How to make informed decisions about what food and products to consume

-Rachele’s newly launched podcast Intuitive Science co-hosted by Catie Macken

-The surprising goal she has for the rest of the year

-How you can gain more science and evidence based information from professionals directly at her wellness summit in November

…and so much more!




Strong Process

Listen to Intuitive Science HERE!


Stay Gold,